Christmas time


Well I’m back at home now after a relaxing Christmas break, and back to work today as well. I went to visit my family in London this year for Christmas, and we all went off to a very nice hotel (in the pic above) for four days over Christmas. It was great to chill out a bit, and also get to see a bit more of my new niece, who’s only two and half months old. She does just eat, sleep, and be sick but it was nice to see her anyway.

I got a couple of really neat things for Christmas – a knives set to sharpen up my cooking skills (ha ha ha!), Dexter Season 2 on DVD which I am watching at a rate of like three episodes a night, andsome cooking stuff and abook from my sis which I’m hoping will enable me to become a bit more adventurous in the bread making department.

The hotel we were staying at was really amazing. It had a great pool and a ‘men’s relaxation room’ and this weird shower thing which let you select either Rainforest Something-or-other (warm water scented like flowers) or Artic Mist (cool mint-scented water). I could have stayed in that all day but unfortunately I pressed both buttons at the same time and couldn’t work out how to stop one so I could enjoy the other.

We also went clay-pigeon shooting, and at one section of that I managed to hit four out of six clays. Get me! I did have bruises on my arm the next day though.

All in all a very relaxing Christmas with little alcohol involved actually! Which was good as I did feel like I’d been over-doing it in the run up!

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