Crazee party, bust TV

Well had quite a quiet weekend really – spent it either sleeping or in the gym. Apart from Majella’s party, which was pretty crazy. There was a bomb scare in her apartment block (couple of those here over the weekend) so I went to a gig with my mates Jill and David at the Empire and then went back to the party after the bomb scare was over.

Ended up getting very tipsy and not getting home until 5.30am – then the next day Majella and Christine cooked us breakfast and made us watch the video from the night before – very, very embarassing to say the least.

Anyway, got home on Saturday morning to find out that my telly has gone bright purple (the picture, not the actual TV). I thought it was maybe just because I was drunk but the next morning it was green with wavy lines on it (about how I felt actually) so now I need to get some guy out to have a look at it, and it could be a case of buying a new TV which I could definitely do without !

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