Early Riser

StarbucksWell, unusually for me, I managed to get up at 8am this morning – and what a difference it makes ! After doing all my washing and ironing (yeh not very exciting that) I headed off to Starbucks for my breakfast. I had wanted to go to the Bagel Factory, but sadly for me, it doesn’t seem to open until lunchtime on a Sunday. Much like the other shops in Jubilee Place which is annoying, cos I had a couple of things to get.

So, before the shops opened, I went for a walk in the sunshine – it’s really nice and hot here today. And Canary Wharf is quite a nice place to walk round when it’s not mobbed with annoying merchant bankersLovely_duck and stockbrokers in suits. And I saw a lovely duck in a pond ! After the shops opened, and I got a couple of bits and bobs, it was off to check out local gyms. I really feel more unhealthy since I moved to London, and I really miss swimming. The two places I checked out were the Reebok Club at Canary Wharf, and the Holmes Place gym which is right beside my Dad’s flat, and has a brilliant infinity swimming pool. The only downside about joining the gyms is the price – £87 for Reebok, and £103 for Holmes Place. They both seem really pricey to me ! I think I’ll probably go with the Holmes Place off-peak, which is £72. I really feel I just need to get back to the gym.

So after that, back to the flat, and I had my shopping delivered by Sainsbury’s. It’s the first time I’d tried online grocery shopping, but I’d definitely do it again. They turned up an hour early (after ‘phoning to check I was going to be in) and then delivered everything straight to my door. There were a couple of items they didn’t have that they’d substituted things for, but I was happy with both their choices. So highly recommended ! And delivery was only £3.50 as well, which is less than a taxi fare from my local Sainsbury’s would be.

This afternoon, I’m gonna chill out – catch up on River City and EastEnders, and then go and lie outside on the grass and do some reading. A good, productive but nice day today – I’m gonna have to get up early more at the weekends !

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