Egg and muffin toaster put to the test

Eggs Benedict

Well I had a nice surprise last week when I received a parcel at work – my Mum and Dad had gone out and bought me the Tefal toast and egg toaster!It makes poached eggs, warms your meat, and toasts your muffin, bagel or whatever at the same time! This may not sound like a big deal, but regular readers of my blog will know that I have thirsted after this item for more than two years, having spotted it in America (the version there is not compatible with our electricity supply.)

So on Sunday, I finally got to put it to the test. It’s really simple to operate – basically you put some water in a part of the toaster, and add your egg. Then pop your muffin in, add your meat (I used ham) to another part of the toaster, and switch it on.

About six or seven minutes later, everything was ready – the egg was perfectly poached, although the egg was a bit firm for my liking. Thankfully though, you can adjust the amount of water you use to get a softer yolk. The picture above shows you the results (after adding some Hollandaise sauce courtesy of M&S).

Overall, the thing works exactly like it says it will – my only negative comments would be that the ham seemed to absorb quite a lot of water making it a bit wet, so maybe just doing that under the grill would be better.

In addition, the muffin is ready about three or four minutes before the egg, but again, this can be pretty easily adjusted if you just wait three or four minutes before putting the muffin in to toast.

So overall, I’m pretty happy with this – it certainly makes making a nice breakfast very convenient. Thanks Mum and Dad!

The Tefal toast and egg seems to be exclusive to Comet, which is a pain if you live in Northern Ireland, as they don’t have any stores, or even deliver here.

Now all I need is a pretty lady to cook breakfast for at the weekend.

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