Facebook vs. Myspace


If you haven’t heard of Facebook, it’s kind of like MySpace, but is a lot bigger in colleges and universities. Now however, it’s open to people from companies as well, so I signed up as the BBC is one company included. To date, it’s only my sister and her friends from uni which have added me, which is great, but if I know you and you’re on Facebook, add me! (And no that’s not just a desperate ploy to make me look popular, as I only add people I know!)

I think I might actually prefer it to MySpace. It’s a lot neater and because you can’t change the style of your page, it means there’s a lot less mental stuff that makes your head hurt. It also has some neat feed systems (which has come in for a bit of criticism) which lets you see what your friends are up to.

If you’re on Myspace and haven’t added me yet, you can do that here.

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