Finally joined a gym!

Reebok Sports Club
Well, after all the palava I had trying to join Holmes Place (basically they hassled me in to giving them £100 and then the next day started an offer which meant I would have saved that £100), I finally joined a gym this weekend.

It’s the Reebok Sports Club at Canary Wharf, which is really nice – it’s got three floors, a boxing ring (not that I’ll be stepping into that), a climbing wall, swimming pool, spa, bar, restaurant, basketball hall and more! So I’ve been twice so far this weekend, and I’m going to try and go five times a week, work permitting.

I’ve become unfit since I came to London. I used to swim 100 lengths a day in Belfast, and was struggling to swim 30 last night! So I need to get back into it. And, I wouldn’t mind losing a stone before Christmas! Let’s see how I get on…..

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