First sighting of video iPod

Well after work tonight, I headed into Regent Street to the Apple Store, to see if I could grab a look at the new generation video iPod (or iPod with video) depending on how you look at it.

I was trying to work out whether I should ask for one for my Christmas or just wait and see if they bring one out next year with a bigger screen. I’ve got to say when I got to the store and checked it out I was impressed. Amazingly thin, brilliant video quality, and a bigger screen than on the other iPods. Can I be tempted though? Well, I’m not sure. Probably to be honest as I can’t think of anything else to ask for for Christmas (apart from money, but that seems a bit boring, if sensible). However, now I’m back at home and have had time to reflect, I’m not so sure. Who knows what I’ll end up asking for?

The pic above by the way is Christmas lights on Regents Street outside the Apple Store. They looked really class, and made me a bit more excited about the upcoming festive period!

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