First week down under!


So Jill and I have spent our first week down under, and it’s just been amazing. Read on for more about what we’ve been up to in our first week!

We arrived two days after we left, but the flight wasn’t that bad at all. We got upgraded to World Traveller Plus, and got in the lounges at London and Bangkok, so it was pretty plain sailing (or flying) really. I also managed to sleep A LOT. I was out for the count.

We arrived in Monday morning, and we’ve already done quite a lot of the things we wanted to do. We’ve climbed the harbour bridge (although not the $300 Bridge Climb) but the Pylon Lookout, had lunch with an amazing view at the Rocks, been to Manly, Bondi Junction, and gone for an amazing walk through the Royal Botanical Gardens to reveal a stunning view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

glass house

We’ve eaten in some great places as well – the world famous scrambled eggs at Bill Granger’s cafe, a place called Rambutan on Oxford Street which served up an unusual but delicious lamb curry with mandarin, a little Italian called Giardinetto in Surrey Hills, oh and the obligatory Maccers which came to the rescue on a night out in Kings’ Cross.

We’ve also been out quite a bit, the first night went completely wrong when we got jetlag drunk on wine, and I ended up locking Jill out of the apartment. In a deep sleep I missed her 34 telephone calls to my phone, and she ended up having to get another room. Not ideal. I think my favourite bar so far has been either Gazebo in Kings Cross or a place we went to very briefly in Manly last night – Charlie Bar. Although that did have someone playing the bongos on it.

I’ve done a bit of shopping too with a new shirt from Mooks, and a couple of cookery books, but that’s been it so far – no massive purchases!

Best thing of the week so far, apart from the meals at Rambutan and Bills, was probably Taronga Zoo – we saw loads of animals, and got our picture taken with a koala, although it was asleep. When you consider they spend 20 hours a day sleeping though because their eucalyptus leaf diet hardly has any energy, I guess you can say it’s fair dinkum though! You can also sleepover at the zoo, which would have been amazing, but it’s a bit pricey.


We’re still feeling a bit jet-lagged which is beginning to get a bit annoying – I’ve only had one kinda crazy night out so far, because I just keep hitting a wall of tiredness at around 10pm. Boring!

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