Flickr to require Yahoo IDs

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Flickr, the online photo sharing site, which I really love, announced recently that they are soon to start requiring old school users (i.e. people that have used Flickr for a while, like myself) to use a Yahoo! ID to log in. There’s been a whole hoo-haa about it that has been picked up by the news, and the discussion forum page concerning the news, over at Flickr itself currently has 2,192 comments on it (mostly negative).

I’m a big fan of Flickr (although some people swear by Zooomr) and I know it doesn’t sound like a massive deal, but I don’t really like it. Not because I think Yahoo are going to start some massive spying big brother type thing like some of the commenters on the page seem to think. It’s just that Flickr to me seems small (even though it’s anything but) and friendly – a real community. Yahoo! on the other hand is like some big massive corporation. And getting a Yahoo! ID that bears any resemblance to my name is unlikely seeing as so many people have one.

So it sucks a bit. But I don’t think they’ll change their minds.

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