Flying and Jetlag


Well I’m back from Dallas, after a full 15 hours of travelling. I don’t mind flying really – I was lucky enough to be upgraded on my flight out to Dallas, and was able to experience American Airlines’ new and enhanced Business Class offering – basically nicer tasting food, a duvet instead of a blanket, and they came round with a box of chocolates. Still no flat beds on 777s though, unlike BA!

Flying back was not so much fun – no upgrade this time, and despite taking 2 Tylenol PM (my usual jetlag avoidance routine), I didn’t get a wink of sleep. Why? Because of the two British people talking at about 300 decibels all the way across the Atlantic, who were sitting right behind me. Thanks you scumbags! The only people not sleeping on the entire plane, and they didn’t react to my glares either.

Surprisingly my jetlag doesn’t seem to bad today – I managed to stay up ‘til 12 last night, and had to be up at 9 this morning for a haircut, so I’m hoping I’ve avoided it, and that it won’t hit me tomorrow.

I watched Walk the Line on my iPod on the way back (the movies on American are rubbish, and you’ve never heard of them). It’s really good, so if you haven’t seen it, try and catch it.

Back to work on Monday…..

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