Getting down to work….

Well, I’ve eventually started sorting out this documentary I’m working on now – it’s really, really hard getting into something which is weeks away after you’ve been working on a weekly show like First Stop. Still, I’m getting there now ! So it looks like I’m going to be getting quite a few nights away from home, as the two places I’m making programmes about – Portaferry and Dungloe are pretty far away – Dungloe in particular is three hours drive away – nice !

The good thing is that the Dungloe programme is all about what basically boils down to a beauty contest, so I think I’ll maybe enjoy that ! The other one will be all about floats and that kind of thing. A bit less celebrity packed than ATL TV !

Nuthin much else happening really – off to Scotland this weekend – managed to get my flights last minute on Easyjet for only £40 ! Including tax ! Bloody bargain ! Still haven’t organised my kilt though – man I am NOT looking forward to dressing up in that. Still haven’t decided whether to be the traditional Scot as well and not wear anything under it ! Guess it’ll depend on how cold it is !

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