Great holiday so far!

Surfers_at_laguna_niguelWow – I wanna move to California! So I’m on holiday at the moment – in Laguna Niguel which I think is kind of a suburb of Laguna Beach. The hotel is really nice – although haven’t managed to get in the pool yet – definitely tomorrow!

So, it took us 24 hours to get here from door to door on Monday – the flight over from London to Dallas was pretty good. We got upgraded which was nice ! Although it was an old 767 plane – that means some things are better though – you get First Class service in Business Class (don’t really get that bit) and a personal DVD player with 30 DVDs. I watched Marathon Man, which I’d seen bits of before but not the whole thing.
The flight to Orange County was confused somewhat by the fact that the airport has three names – Orange County Airport, John Wayne Airport, and Santa Ana Airport. Flight was pretty rubbish, but was ok. So Monday night, we went straight to bed really – all knackered.

Yesterday we got up, had breakfast and then went straight to a mall after a drive about. I spent loads of money in Hollister, and Ailse met the band the All-American Rejects in Hollister too and got her photo taken with them – they were doing an album signing there. We had dinner at the hotel, and that was pretty much our first day!

Today (Wednesday), Mum and Dad got up early to play golf, so I drove them up there. Ailse and I then went for a walk around Laguna Beach. It’s really nice and pretty unspoilt. Loads of wee art galleries selling some nice stuff, but mostly it’s all totally bizarre and like the art had been put together by some crack addicts heh heh.

Flip_flops_1So we had lunch at the golf course after picking up the folks, and went for a quick spin which ended up at another mall – this time I managed not to spend any cash! Then we had a trip to an ER room as Dad had managed to catch his big toe-nail on the handbrake, which is actually a footbreak. It looked revolting. Blood all over it, and half the nail ripped off. Anyway, after a two hour wait at the hospital (boring!) we went for dinner here (the Dana point one), and that’s us back in the room now.

Tomorrow, it’s the gym! And the pool! You can see all the photos I’ve taken so far here.

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