G’s birthday in Belfast!

So it was G’s birthday the other weekend in Belfast! We all headed out for a meal first at Speranza’s, which was a bit of a surprise for G as he wasn’t expecting it at all! Then after a night of eating, and dancing, it was off to the Potthouse as usual for more drinking!

The next day, Maj, Christine and I headed off to AM:PM on Botanic Avenue for brunch. Now I’ve got to say it was a fantastic breakfast – the best I’ve had in a long time actually. Only problem was when the waitress tripped coming up the stairs and threw our drinks at us. Cue glass and drink everywhere – thankfully no-one injured! Then we went off to Portaferry for a drive and an ice cream before meeting up with G and Jill in a new Starbucks on Botanic for a coffee and quick chat. It’s not the nicest Starbucks I’ve been in, but it’s ok, and I guess it’s nice to have one close. I won’t be deserting Clements though!

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