Harry Batt in real-life scuffle

Harry Batt

Well I was out filming last Friday with one of my favourite Bungalow characters, DCI Harry Batt. Basically we were filming a short sequence to go into a car chase on Saturday’s show. So we took Harry (played by Ian Kirkby – a really nice guy!) down to Shepherd’s Bush. The plan was to film him ‘driving’ down Shepherd’s Bush Market, but unfortunately a stall owner with no sense of humour whatsoever decided he didn’t like Harry, and wanted filming to stop. The end result was us being a bit flustered, and Harry’s cardboard car having its side removed. Don’t shop at the baked potato stall at the market is all I can say!

You can see the end result at Bart’s brilliant Dick & Dom site. Unfortunately Harry’s car fell apart before he even got into the Bungalow!

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