Here’s what I’m doing on Valentine’s Day


Working. That’s the short answer! Tomorrow I’m heading down to Dublin for the Sixth annual Irish and Film Television Awards. It’s being broadcast live on RTE, but I have to turn round a one hour version with red carpet interviews and backstage award winner interviews for broadcast on BBC Two at 7pm on Monday.

It’ll be quite a tight turn around, I’ll be working late tomorrow night and then editing all day Sunday and Monday to get the programme ready. I’ll then have to travel to RTE on Monday afternoon and play the programme up to the BBC in Belfast, where hopefully it’ll go out 2 hours later, barring any major problems.

There’s not anyone that famous going to the awards that I’m excited about seeing, maybe Aiden Gillen as I love The Wire. Oh and Shane Richie in some weird way too. Anyways, hopefully I’ll have fun doing it. I’m quite looking forward to spending a couple of days away from Belfast, and it should be quite chilled hopefully once tomorrow night’s out of the way. If I have time, I’ll try and tweet from the red carpet.

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