I am off to Islay… in a couple of months

Sound of Islay

Photo: © David Martin flickr.com/photos/avidday

Scotland! I love it, but I guess that’s because I’m from there. Anyway, later this year, I’ll get to visit a part of Scotland I’ve never been to before – the Western Isles – when I head off to Islay, pictured above.

My mate Nick’s soon-to-be-wife is from there, and we’re heading there in July for his stag weekend. I’m really looking forward to it – apparently the village disco is something to behold – with bottles of vodka and polystyrene cups left on the bar so you can help yourself (I’m sure that’s not true, but I’ll be able to report on it when I go!). It’ll be really nice to visit somewhere completely different and remote.

I’m also hoping to get some great photos with the new camera I’m going to buy this month!

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