I get visitors… and lock myself out

Rob  Marie and Charlie B

Hello blog readers! I was lucky enough to have two friends over to stay this weekend past. I used to work with Rob on Dick & Dom, and then went to see him and his wife while they were living in Chicago, so they came across to see me in Belfast!

We went a bit crazy on the Saturday night in White’s – it was the usual carnage, but unusually ended up with photographs being taken of me (which I can’t remember) in dodgy positions, although fully clothed I might add.

The next morning, we left my flat, and unfortunately I was so hungover, I left my keys in the flat as I pulled the door shut. So I had to splash out 80 on a locksmith coming round and spending approximately 20 seconds sliding a piece of plastic down my door to get me in 🙁

So Sunday was spent doing that while Rob and his Mrs were at the cinema, although we all went out for a nice meal in the evening. I also beat Rob at Scene It which was great – after he rubbed it in my face continuously when he beat me in Chicago. Take that Robster!

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