I walked into a cyclist last night

Charlie  G and Nick

My old mate Nick was over in town last night, so we headed out and had a little bit to drink. All was going well until we leftWhite’sand I managed to walk into some lunatic that was cycling along the pavement (hello?!! pavements are for pedestrians you tosser). Anyway I have a cut ankle and my nice Puma watch is smashed, so I’m not happy about that this morning.

The other thing I’m not happy about is that I tipsy texted last night as well after bullying G into giving me the relevant number. What I wrote is far too embarassing to write here, but suffice to say I don’t think that will have done me any favours. Why does alcohol make you do that. It’s really not fair as I had been pretty good on that front recently.

I’m all packed now, and leave for Gatwick tonight, en route to Austin forSouth by Southwesttomorrow. I shall be blogging there if I am not too busy editing the show. Later dudes!

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