I want my gold Club Cali card!!!!!!!

Well I get a lot of my clothes from Hollister – a clothes shop in the US owned by the same people as Abercombie. They do a cool loyalty programme called Club Cali, which is pretty generous (giving you money off etc.), and if you spend over $500 with them, you become a gold card member, with a personalised card. Now, that’s all – no other benefits (as far as I’m aware), but it’s different from most people’s cards.

I passed the $500 threshold probably about a year ago, but they still haven’t sent me my gold card. It’s just kind of niggling away at me! I’ve called their helpline, and annoyingly, they can’t ask for another card to be sent out. You have to get a new card, transfer your points from the old one, and hopefully it’ll trigger sending you out a new gold card if you’re due one. Well I’ve done that, and still no gold card, but I did call them today and they said they would check it out and try and send me a new card.

I know deep down it’s a bit silly, but I just want to see what a gold card looks like anyway! I’ve spent the money, so it’s the least they could do!

BTW, Hollister ship internationally (although you have to be wary of the tax and duty you might get charged), so check em out.

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