Madonna on iTunes

I heard the new Madonna single on Chris Moyles this morning, and I gotta say I LIKE IT! It’s about time we had some decent pop music in the charts again.

So, I was interested when iTunes sent me an e-mail today saying that you can download the track today if you pre-order Madonna’s new album (it’s out on the 15th). I decided to go for that, thinking I could well probably end up buying the album anyway (although I’m not the world’s biggest Madonna fan). Clicked through only to find out that the album is priced at £13.99! It comes with a video, digital booklet and stuff, but I thought the whole point of buying off iTunes is that you know every album only costs £7.99. So is the start of a worrying trend where some albums are priced way above the others? I’d have been cheaper buying from someplace like or even Sainsbury’s!

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