I wasn’t lovin’ it !

Well I see McDonald’s have launched a new ad campaign but I wasn’t lovin’ it the other day. I woke up extremely hungover and because McDonald’s have closed their store which was 30 seconds walk from my flat, I had to walk for 25 minutes to get my lovely McD’s breakfast. Once I got there (at 10.25, with only 5 minutes to spare !) I asked for a big breakfast bun (I was hungry !) and the conversation went like this….

“Sorry it’s only what we’ve got left” – Counter laddie

“But it’s only 10.25!” – Me

“Yes but we’ve run out of sausage so we can’t do big breakfast buns” – Counter laddie

“Well can I have a Bacon and Egg muffin instead then ?” – Me

“No – we’ve stopped serving breakfast” – Counter laddie

Huh ? Do you get it ? Anyway, the ads look pretty cool. And it just goes to show that I am really Justin Timberlake, as he obviously likes burgers too.

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