If I hear one more bagpipe….

Well I just got back on Sunday from spending the weekend filming at the World Pipe Band Championships. It was not the most exciting weekend of my life, but it was pretty interesting, in that I just didn’t know how “into it” people that play in pipe bands are. It totally consumes all their spare time. The band I’m following – the Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band were World Champions last year, but this time they came second.

I did not get a crazy night out in Glasgow at all – we were so tired filming that we ended up drinking tea on Saturday night in the hotel bar. I kind of fancied this girl from another pipe band who happened to be staying in the same hotel, but she was engaged, so that went nowhere.

Also, the hotel we were put up in was a complete dump, so don’t bother staying there if you’re ever in Glasgow. They even had a door hanger with pictures of everything in the room, and you had to tick the box to show what was broken. There are much nice hotels in Glasgow at much lower prices – take it from me !

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