I’m going into hospital tomorrow

I never ever get nervous (unless it’s chatting to a girl I fancy) but I’m feeling a bit nervous about tomorrow. I’m going into hospital to get my tonsils out, so this will bemy last post for a wee while.

I’m not really bothered about anything going wrong, as I think ifthat’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. I’m more nervous about the fact that apparently I’m going to feel really dreadful for up to two weeks after I’ve had them out. Also my doctor said he had seen someone who had had their tonsils out have a secondary haemorrhage, and that doesn’t sound pleasant. I’ve never been in hospital before either.

Still, I’ve had tonsilitis since March this year now, so there’s nothing else for it. I really feel most of this year has just passed me by. I think I’m going to be extremely bored lying in bed at home for two weeks though.

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