I’m sick and fed up of feeling sick and fed up


Ok I’m totally, totally fed up of feeling ill. I’ve had it for like more than a week now – running nose, heavy eyes, swollen tonsils, the shivers, a cough – the only thing I haven’t had is actual vomitting and diahorrea (thank god for small mercies I suppose). But I’ve totally had enough – I’m feeling totally drained when I’m trying to put out a weekly show, organise a 7 day shoot in Texas which starts next week, and set up a press launch day for my summer series, which has landed on the day after I get back from Texas.

I thought I was losing this bug yesterday, but no, I woke up this morning and it’s back with a vengeance. All I want to do is feel better again GRRRRRR. I want to get back swimming (I feel like a lard ass cos I just don’t feel up to going at the moment – and then when I tried on Saturday I pulled a muscle in my leg), going out and feeling like even 70% normal.

I’ve made a doctor’s appointment for Wednesday, but I am praying that when I wake up tomorrow all will be well, I can get on with work and my social life too.

P.S. That is a complete accident that the drawing on the right looks a bit like Adolf Hitler. I don’t look anything like him, even when I am ill.

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