Jill sees some magic

Indian_rope_man_1So I was on the phone to ma mucker Jill the other day, who told me she was off to see something very interesting in Belfast – someone performing the Indian Rope Trick. I thought that was a very cool thing to go and see – something a bit different from your normal night out (and surprisingly for Jill, there was no booze involved!) Alright Jill – relax I’m only joking.

Anyway, Jill has no idea how it was done – so I did a bit of digging,Indian_rope_man_2 and the solution  might lie here, but I reckon that just spoils it – apparently it was pretty impressive, and I think it’s better if you don’t really know how things like that are done!

Kind of wish I’d seen it done as well now – looks good, doesn’t it?

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