Kind of out of sequence

OK, so as I haven’t posted for so long this is all kind of wonky and out of sequence, but I’ll carry on anyway ! Two Saturdays ago, we decided to have a bit of a night out – my friend Majella had been back from Glasgow for a while, but we hadn’t been out, so a couple of us got together and first of all went out for a meal at Cafe Renoir, which was really nice. Highly recommended if you’re ever in town !


Then after a quick pit-stop at Madison’s, where the people freaked us all out a bit (not so recommended) we headed off to Bar Bacca and then La Lea. It was a bit of a weird night to be honest. Because it was the weekend of the twelfth, Belfast was pretty quiet, as that’s when a lot of people go on holiday. So it was quiet. Still we had a good time, and ended up back at mine – where Majella gave us yet another priceless picture (see right !) She has the hand of a claw-like person ! Thanks Maj !

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