Short notice trip to London

Well had an early start today when I had to drive to Letterkenny in Ireland for a lunch meeting. The drive takes about two and a half hours, but you have to go to Derry first, and take it from me. The Belfast to Derry road is the most boring in the world !

I was there to meet representatives from the Mary of Dungloe International Competition – which I’m making a documentary about. It’s a beauty / personality contest with people travelling from all over the world to compete. I’m getting to overnight for six days making the doc, so it should be good fun ! Anyway the two ladies we met that are part of the organising group seemed really nice and up for it, so that will help loads as well !

I got an e-mail today saying that I’ve been invited to London on Wednesday to have lunch with Lorraine Heggessey, the controller of BBC One. And no – it’s not just me that will be there but a couple of other APs and researchers – I’ve met her before, and she seemed really nice. It will be a good opportunity to work out what programme ideas they are looking for, and hopefully I can win a commission for once ! And a trip to London won’t be bad, although I know for sure I’ll be stuck on a cheapo Easyjet flight !

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