Last couple of weeks

GWell I’ve had a pretty busy couple of weeks recently really, so no posts. Weekend before last I was back in Belfast, and had a couple of nights out. Friday night was round to the BBC club, which is now closed for a couple of weeks for refurbishment. booo ! G did manage to salvage this neon sign for me though – particularly good as it’s for the beer with my name on it!

Saturday night G and I went down to the new Customs House Square (that’s it below right) where BBC Radio Ulster were celebrating their 30th birthday with a concert featuring the Undertones, The Thrills and others. After gettin a bit tipsy there (on Stella which was in plastic bottles!) we went off to The Fly. Now, knock it if you want, I think The Fly is absolutely brilliant!

Customs_houseSo anyways, I meet this girl there. Now – she a) lets me kiss her b) gives me her phone number c) asks for my phone number and then d) confirms that she’d like to go back out for a drink next time I’m back.

Fast forward three days, and no reply from her – even after I text on the Sunday like I’m meant to just saying hello – did you have a good time last night etc. She eventually gets back – “Hiya pet”. That had me raging for a start. Could you be any more patronising? Then “Sorry just started seein someone. Thanx for the invite tho!”. Well tell you what b***hy f*** face – why don’t you NOT BOTHER GIVING ME YOUR NUMBER IN THE FIRST PLACE ! Women. I am considering giving up on them all together. They are too weird for me to work out. And considering I’m not gettin any younger, I really think I should have worked them out by now.

ApricotsAnyways! Saturday during the day, I’d been out for lunch at Apartment, and then also headed off to a market in the City Square, which was really nice actually – I thought I got some good photos there including this one on the left. Awwww !

Sunday, back to see The Thrills, this time in studio, and then down to Malmaison for a couple of drinks – where, for the second night in a row, I met the lovely Pat. That’s her on the left –Pat_and_i_1 on the picture on the right that is. She is a laugh a minute – and really just a nice person, so it was nice to see her again ! Unfortunately Jill didn’t make it to Malmaison, which was a shame cos I never got a night out with her – she is very amusing. Next time Jill! Didn’t get a night out with Christine either, but I’ve had my fill of her recently (only jokin!)

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