Last quiet weekend in London

Well, I had my last quiet weekend in London this weekend – next weekend I’m back in Belfast for Jill’s birthday, and the weekend after that, my sister is down with two friends from Dallas. Weekend after that it’s my last show here in London and then I think I’ll be heading back to Belfast, unless something else pops up – I had a meeting last week with the Production Talent Manager for CBBC, so I’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of that.

I read a nice article about sweet shops in the Guardian at the weekend – reminds me of the sweet shop I used to go to in Monifieth called The Hive. We would all go every lunchtime at school, although it was forever tainted in my mind after buying a pea shooter, and the woman asked what a girl like me was doing buying a pea shooter. Can only put it down to a trendy mid-70s haircut or something.

So, met my cousin Lindsey on Saturday afternoon at the Pitcher & Piano off Regent Street. Nice to see her, and managed to avoid getting plastered by only having two bottles of Corona. Apart from that it was a quiet weekend – catching up with 24 yesterday and then having a bath and an early night – borin !

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