Leah’s birthday

Blurred drunkeness

I had my fourth night out so far this year on Friday night (I really need to get out more). It was my mate Leah’s birthday.

So, obviously it all started out tame enough with some drinks in Bar Bacca, then it went wrong with tequila and champagne. Some of us made it in to the deserted club La Lea (how that place makes any money is beyond me) but unfortunately Leah did not, as by this point she was unable to speak.

As a result, we all ended up in White’s. I can’t really write much more about it to be honest because I have no recollection of anything that happened in there. There are some photos of people singing into a microphone shaped soap on a rope that gives some clue as to the kind of shennanigans that were going on. Also, there were no women around whatsoever for some annoying reason.

Needless to say I felt sick as a dog yesterday and couldn’t move all day.

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