Well was in London yesterday – tiring old day as I was on the Easyjet flight at 8am and didn’t get back until 10pm. Went OK though – met up with my mate Kevin in Islington for a coffee and then went and did the interview with Alexei Sayle. He was very quiet though – not what I thought he would be like ! Then went back to Belfast and had an early night. Was meant to be a day off for me today but instead I got dragged along to a commissioning presentation this morning. Nothing else exciting going on really !

Got my stuff delivered from Abercrombie today – two new t-shirts which are pretty cool.

Nothing else goin on apart from getting ready to go to a party on Thursday – my friend Majella is going to work on River City for two months in Glasgow, so’s having a party in her flat – hopefully there will be some nice ladies there !

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