Long lazy weekend

Well I had a pretty lazy long bank holiday weekend there, which suited me after a frustrating week at work.

Saturday was lunch with G in Holywood, before visiting two shops I have never been to before. One was Matalan, which I wasn’t really that impressed with. The other was Lee Foods Oriental Supermarket, which I was impressed with! G spotted an interesting yet perhaps not particularly appealing drink there (pictured below) and I saw lots of cool stuff for cooking – like Udon noodles – that I know Sainsbury’s don’t stock. So it was quite a good find!


Saturday night I stayed in and watched 16 Blocks, which I thought was ok. Sunday was chilling out, putting stuff up for sale on Amazon, catching up on Grey’s Anatomy, and generally having a bit of a clear out. Then last night it was out to the Potthouse for the first time this year. It was a pretty good night. Jill and Christine and I got pretty tipsy, while G put up with us probably talking a load of rubbish. We also saw a Chuckle Brother look-a-likey.

Chuckle 1

There were some pretty hot girls out as well.

It was my first night out since the smoking ban, so I did have a bit of a debate with some dude who was smoking in the toilets. Kind of defeats the purpose of a smoking ban that.

Today was hangover and lying in bed until 2pm then lying watching News 24. Not a very constructive day today. More photos of last night’s drunkeness here.

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