Made it to Cali

SB sunset

Well after everything that happened with transatlantic travel last week, I made it to California on Friday, after about 28 hours travelling. I had to change my flight to London to the night before I was due to travel, book myself into a hotel there, and arrive at Gatwick six hours before my flight to Dallas to make sure I got through security in time. So that was a bit of a pain, but not too bad!
The flight was a tad boring though, seeing as it was ten hours long and we weren’t allowed any books, newspapers or iPods on board. Still I got upgraded which helped a bit! So I was a little inconvenienced, but that is nothing really when you consider what could have happened to some ‘planes last week. I’d much rather be inconvenienced a lot than have my plane not make it across the Atlantic.

My flight was two hours late taking off for the US due to security checks, and that meant I missed my connection to Santa Barbara, but I got here in the end, and am finally relaxing a bit! Tonight we’re moving to another hotel, where we’ll stay for three days, and I’m hoping to get some relaxing done there!

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