I spot Flavor Flav!

Flava Flav highlighted

Well I know the picture is totally rubbish, but it makes this post funny I thought. I was flying back from Bob Hope Airport in Hollywood this morning to Dallas Fort Worth, and who is at the gate? None other than Flavor Flav from Public Enemy! Him of the clock round his neck and new MTV show fame. He seemed really really nice as well – getting pictures taken and thanking everyone profusely.

I got the above pic with my mobile from a distance which is why it’s totally rubbish, but he did have a clock round his neck (that’s the white thing). I’m just raging that I never got my picture taken with him!

So holiday is going fine – tomorrow I’m off to Chicago to see my mate Rob from the Bungalow, which I’m looking forward to. First Bungalow person I’ll have seen since I left back in April actually!

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