Madness in Glasgow

Well I just had a class weekend in Glasgow. Majella who works on River City and I went off to a restaurant called Gong on the Friday night. It was really nice and well worth a visit. It was also good just to catch up with Majella and find out what she had been up to.
On the Saturday my sister Ailse came through from St Andrews, where she’s started at uni, and on the Saturday night we all went out to O’Neills. There were two other guys with us as well – Darren and Pete. Pete goes out with one of Majella’s friends, so he and Darren came through from Edinburgh for the weekend. That’s a picture of Majella and Ailse there. Ailse is the one on the left.

On Sunday, my Dad came through from Dundee, so Ailse, Dad and I had lunch in TGI Fridays. It was really nice to see them both. And Dad had his video and some photos from when Mum and him were in Australia recently, so it was cool to see them too.

Sunday night, we went out – Ailse had gone home, so it was just Maj, Pete, Darren and I. We went to O’Neills again, and decided to dress up. I was a ladeeeeey ! If you are not familiar with the Little Britain character, you can see a pic of her here. It is basically a bad transvestite. We had a brilliant laugh – although I looked very very creepy. All the photos are here, so check em out. As you can see from the pictures, I met plenty of ladies, and got a snog from one of them as well (no pictures of that thank goodness).

Monday was relaxing while Maj worked, and then we went off to DiMaggios for tea which is a famous Italian restaurant in Glasgow, just of Buchanan Street. Didn’t do too much shopping – bought a G-Star sweater and t-shirt and that was it. Now it’s back to Belfast and getting on with some work ! Thanks Maj for a good weekend, and thanks to Maj’s brother and his girlfriend, Arthur and Graine for letting me stay in their flat !

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