Meeting Sir Cliff

Well, had quite a good trip down to Dublin last Sunday, although there is a lot of roadworks which are mucho confusing. They are building some new railway tunnel or something. It was the first time I’d driven in Dublin, but it wasn’t really that bad. It was pretty ok really.

So, around lunchtime I went shopping on Grafton Street, which is where all the main shops are. I really like going to Dublin because it is like a different country – they use Euros and everything ! I bought the Little Britain DVD and the new Duran Duran album in HMV thinking it would be cheaper, but in actual fact it wasn’t because the Euro is quite strong at the moment. Rubbish !

Then I met the lovely (bleugh) Christine Bleakely and her fiance Christian for lunch. Here is a tip if you are ever in Dublin – head to the lovely Clarendon bar Christian owns it, but I would recommend it anyway ! It is really nice and stylish inside, but the atmosphere seemed very relaxed when I was in there. It is nice and laid back, and I think it would be nice at night as well. I had a fantastic chicken burger which too my delight looked like real chicken – not some breaded burger thing. The chips as well were fantastic, and I rounded it off with a lovely Mocha.

After lunch, Christian very kindly directed me round to the Four Seasons Hotel, which was where I was due to film an interview with Sir Cliff Richard. Sir Cliff was lovely – very, very nice, and he spent quite a long time with us as well. The only down point was when I got his manager’s name wrong, but I still managed to get up the nerve to ask for my photograph to be taken with him !

The suite we had booked was available for only an extra 20 Euro to stay the night, but unfortunately I hadn’t brought any stuff with me, so that was that. Just travelled home. Yet another celebrity photo for me though !

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