Me and the Morgan are off down under!

BA 747

Me any my mate Jill are off on one of these soon! A couple of us had been looking to get away from the dreadful Belfast summer to someplace hot for two weeks. Amazingly I managed to discover a little known, short-term offer on and Jill and I managed to score two return flights to Sydney, Australia for only 215 each – everything included! They’re usually about 700-800.

So at the end of August, we’re off to Oz for two weeks. I can’t wait! I’ve been once before, but it was a family holiday for the Millenium, so I’m looking forward to exploring Sydney with a mate. We’ve already got our apartment booked and both wanting to take a surfing lesson, so nearly good to go!

The long flight doesn’t really bother me to much, although our layover in Singapore is only around an hour on the way back – I would have liked a bit longer there to go exploring. At least we’ll get in the lounges with my AA Platinum card!

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