My first television festival

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Well, spent the weekend there at my first television festival – the Media Guardian International Television Festival. I’ve got to say – I didn’t enjoy it. The stuff that was on during the day was interesting enough – all lectures by television controllers and the like mixed with some celeb things like Strictly Come Dancing Live (presented by Brucie and Tess!) and an interview with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant of The Office and Extras.

I think my problem came with the fact that I didn’t really know anyone there and the people who were on the same group as me, with one exception were not the friendliest of people, and seemed to want to exclude me from everything that they were doing. So it was a pretty lonely weekend really in that respect. The other thing is that it’s really for people at Channel Controller or Managing Director level – and though it’s meant to be great for networking, it’s not really that easy for an Assistant Producer like me just to wander up to someone like that and start chatting!

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