My last day on Xchange

Me_and_emmaWell I had my last week on Xchange this week. I have to say it’s been fun – not what I thought it might be when I just started on it and thought it seemed incredibly organised and complicated! I did have a good time though – the presenters, and my team (Tim the Producer and Emma my runner) were both very funny, and we got on very well.

So Friday night I had a couple of drinks (more than that really) at the BBC Club – pictures are here – there’s also some pics of me in studio on my last studio day on Thursday. I ended up getting a bit smashed at the club. Did the usual tipsy texting, and then stumbled home via McDonald’s at Waterloo. I microwaved my Big Mac for three minutes which might have been a bit too long because I burnt my lip on a pickle 🙁

Had quite a quiet weekend getting ready to go away on holiday. I went into town feeling flush yesterday ‘cos I’d just been paid, and nearly bought a whole load of things but managed not to. More money for holiday I guess! So anyways, I’m away on holiday for the next two weeks now, and then back to Dick & Dom when I start back at work on the 1st of August.

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