My two bit thoughts on Big Brother

BB twins

Are you watching Big Brother? I’ve only ever watched Series 2 and Series 7, but I decided to watch last week’s opening night show as there is *$%^ all else on TV at the moment – apart from Prison Break and EastEnders.

Obviously by now, five days later, I’m a bit hooked, but I will only watch the nightly hour long shows. E4 coverage is not going to be tempting me! I was saying in the office today that it is incredibly frustrating that probably the only thing that would have got me to watch this series was if they filled the place with good looking women. Which is what they have done. Here, for free, are my thoughts so far….

  • the twins seem really funny and harmless. I don’t think they are annoying
  • I don’t really get where Lesley is coming from
  • Charley is full of herself, and if there’s one trait I can’t stand it’s arrogance. So obviously she needs to go


In some other weird TV news, I have become strangely drawn to that Joseph show on BBC One. I can’t understand it as I’m not interested in musicals, the men auditioning for them, or Joseph. But it’s kind of sucked me in. Maybe I’m just going a bit mad. I would like Keith to win, but I think it’ll be drain-face Lee that wins. That’s my prediction!

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