My weekend

Well Thursday’s bombing incidents in London meant I was off work on Friday as it wasn’t going to be easy for me to get in. That worked quite well really as my sister Jill was across from Dallas that day, so we went around the shops at Cabot Place and Jubilee Place before having lunch at Eat, which I really like.

On Friday night, Tara came across and we all had dinner at Pizza Express before heading back to the flat and murdering some songs on Singstar – although Jill wasn’t having any of that despite some wine-induced heavy persuasion!

Jill_and_i_at_gatwickOn Saturday, it was up early to go out to Gatwick and see Jill off – after a McD’s breakfast that is! I just spent the rest of the day chilling and relaxing and catching up on some sleep. Sunday was spent catching up on e-mails, before heading over to Holmes Place and trying out their gym, which is right next to my Dad’s flat.

I think I’m gonna join really – even though it is expensive (£72 a month, and that’s off peak!) cos it felt good to be doing some exercise again, and I have let myself go a bit! So I’m gonna join when I get back off my holiday. It has to be said though that I am totally aching three days later – a sign from my body I think that I need to get back into the gym routine!

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