New bar in Belfast!

The House Interior

Yes, I’d been getting a bit fed up of going to the same old places round town, but on Friday night, John, Charlie B and I headed off to the opening of a new bar called “The House” in Stranmillis. G also joined us but had to leave early as he has gone to become famous work in America for three weeks. Lucky so and so.

Anyways, the place was absolutely heaving, and the beer and champagne in full flow when we turned up. Hopefully a sign of things to come! The bar itself is really nicely decorated, and (as I kept telling anyone that would listen) would be a great spot for lunch on a Sunday, or for drinks in the summer. A good place to go to if you’re planning on staying in the one place all night really, as there’s no clubs nearby, unless you count Queen’s student union.

The menu looked really tasty as well, but by the time I was looking at it it was about 1.30am and I was a bit drunk. Erm not much else to report really. But if you’re in town, go and check it out! More photos from the night here.

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