Not too busy a week !

Christine_and_gWell, I’ve not had too bad a week really. Started off going out last Friday night to the party after the last First Stop show to come live from the Belfast Festival. There’s the lovely (bleugh) Christine Bleakley with G. The night went very well and there was loads of dancing and mucking about.

FeargalOnly problem was when I woke up the next morning and found myself covered in what looked like purple stab marks. Turned out to be some girl had been tickling me rather roughly at the party ! That on the right is Feargal who seemed to have a monstrous appetite for sausage rolls on the night. He is getting married soon, but unfortunately I can’t go. Good luck to you though my man, and I hope Charlotte manages to put up with you.

So, the weekend was spent doing not very much – I’ve managed to get back into going to the gym, and then it was back to work on Monday to plan some more filming for The John Daly Show.

Wednesday I spent filming at a school in Armagh – it was brilliant fun and the kids were very funny and very lively. It ended with a school teacher being gunged, which is always a bit of a laugh. This weekend I’m off to London to see the family, and that’s it really, nothing much else going on. Next week I’m doing some work for Children In Need. Not quite sure what – it did involve at one point flying around with Pudsey in an army helicopter, but I couldn’t be released for that – thank goodness as I was a bit nervous about it ! Still I’m looking forward to the after-show party which is always “lively” to say the least !

There does not seem to be much going on in the news at the moment, funny story wise, although I did see this which is quite cute. Also, our mate G has made his publishing debut – a review of a Jazzy Jeff gig (yes, he of “Fresh Prince” fame) – check out this hack’s amazing talent here !

Have you seen yet that I am looking to raise funds to help me change from a PC to a Mac ? And the best thing is you can help me – have a look here – it’s a good cause !

Finally, if you’re looking for unusual Christmas presents, check out this web site which sells cool and hard to find stuff from Japan.

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