Switching from PC to Mac

Well, I’ve had my computer at home now for four years, but I’ve decided to start saving for an Apple Mac. Which I think will roughly take me about three years – but hey – you’ve got to start somewhere! I’m looking to buy an iMac G5, but because I want to use it for video editing and things, I need one with good memory I think. So anyway, it’s time to start saving, but I’m going to keep you up to speed with my progress here, and then hopefully when I get one I can tell you all about it !

I’m just fed up of windows crashing, and Microsoft trying to take everything over, and for it being really difficult to do almost anything on a PC. And there seems to be lots of help on switching from a PC to a Mac out there too – it doesn’t really sound that difficult. I use Final Cut Pro at work, and it’s really pretty class.

If you would like to donate some money towards my iMac (not that I expect anyone to !) or see how I’m getting on, you can click here. Thank you !

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