NY in the Big D

Fireworks 2

Ok, first off I haven’t blogged in ages, sorry about that, I have been pretty manic since I got back, but more on that later! Still in Dallas, I had a pretty quiet but good New Year’s Eve. Last year kinda sucked as I just ended up staying in, but this year, Ailse, her friends Catherine and Justin and I all headed to a funky new hotel that’s opened in Dallas called the W Hotel. It was absolutely heaving, and while we weren’t in the Ghost Bar which is where all the celebs apparently were, we had a brilliant view of the firework ceremony which was taking place across the road at Victory Park when the clock struck 12.

Unfortunately unlike here, there doesn’t seem to be a tradition of going round snogging any woman you can lay your hands on as soon as the New Year has started. It was a snog free night! Belated Happy New Year blog readers!

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