Ollie’s on a Saturday night

Paul  Jill and Christine

I was out for the first time in more than a month on Saturday night – it was Paul (Jill’s boyfriend)’s birthday. We started off in the Potthouse bar before heading over to Ollie’s at the Merchant Hotel – I’d been there before but only on a Thursday when it was pretty dead (i.e. there were about thirty people in the place).

I have to say it was really good on Saturday night – although the queue (which we were able to skip ‘cos we were on the guest list) was enormous, so if you’re planning to go, get down early. Also £10 seemed a bit steep to get in, but it was probably worth it. The place was busy, but not too busy, and there were lots of pretty ladies there too 😉 and everyone just seemed out to have a good time. Girls would come up and speak to you instead of just posing around like they do in the Potthouse, so that’s a plus!

We actually did end up back at the Potthouse for some reason (where I briefly considered chatting up a slightly overweight Avril Lavigne look-a-like), and then I headed home, whilst some other people went on to a ‘rave’ (I hate that word) in an Indian restaurant! WTF!

More photos from Saturday night are here.

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