Quiet weekend

Well, had a quiet wee weekend there. Went to the BBC Club on Friday night and got completely hammered drinking these new cock-sucking cowboy shots they have there – lethal. Ended up staggering up the road at 2am and half eating a chinese take-away before falling asleep in front of the telly – classy, eh ? Saw a kinda ex in the club – she was looking lovely, but played it cool and didn’t speak to her much.

Saturday I was out filming a heavy metal package on DV – long day, not that interesting really (heavy metal’s not really my kind of scene) and then yesterday I was directing a links shoot in studio. Went home, cleaned up my flat so it’s ***completely clean*** and also opened up my PC and installed a firewire card (amazingly it worked, ‘cos I know nothing about computers), getting it ready for when I head off to Dallas in two weeks time and buy myself an iPod !

Nothin much else going on. I’ve been invited to a wedding in June, and can take a partner, so the hunt is on ! (Although I’ll still be trying the “don’t look like you’re looking and they will come to you” approach !)

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