Nothing much going on

Well I haven’t been posting much recently, because I have had nothing going on ! We’ve got most of our filming for ATL TV in the bag now, so we’re in to the editing stage, which is good because we see everything coming together, but it’s a bit boring in that you’re stuck in the one room all day ! With very small windows !

Had a day off yesterday – didn’t really do much – washing, ironing, the usual stuff, went and read The Guardian over lunch then went food shopping at Sainsbury’s with Jill after she finished work. Absolutely nothing else happening. I have this weekend off for the first time in ages, so am looking forward to getting two days off in a row (never mind that it’s at the weekend too !) Think I may head out one night – the BBC club is having a disco which is tempting, but I might try Irene and Nan’s as I haven’t been in there for ages.

I’ll post again when something interesting is happening ! Right now I’m just looking forward to going off to Dallas next Friday for my sister’s graduation.

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