A quiet, boring week

Well, this week was quite boring really – not much going on at all. Went to the BBC Club on Friday night and then ended up having a silly string fight at someone’s flat. This week I’m out filming tomorrow (a package on how to survive Summer rock festivals – i.e. Glastonbury, Oxegen) and then I’m editing for the rest of the week before heading off to Dallas for 10 days of sunshine !

So I see Napster has launched in the UK. What a rip-off ! Get this right – a 2 track single in the shops costs £1.99. So how can Napster charge £2.18 to download two tracks ? I thought the whole idea of legal download sites was that a) it was convenient and b) it was cheaper ? I’m not impressed ! Hopefully when iTunes launches in the UK in June it will be better and cheaper than actually toddling down to HMV and buying a couple of CDs !

If you’re interested, the Jetplane Landing tracks I directed for ATL TV have now gone online – you can find them here, and check out the programme’s web site too while you’re at it !

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