Heading Stateside

Well, left for Dallas on Friday morning – flight from Belfast to London was OK, and then check in was hassle free for the flight to Dallas. American Airlines have now moved to the North Terminal at Gatwick, and got rid of their Admirals Club lounge, so you now get access to the British Airways lounge. It was ok – you could get breakfast and that there.

Anyway, seeing as I’d only had two hours sleep the night before, I was sleeping as our American plane hurtled down the runway – which was good – slept for half of the ten hour flight. Dad was in Business, I was in Coach (which is totally fine by me !) although instead of the usual 777, they were using a 767, with no back seat screens ! Just one big screen in the middle of the plane to show…. There’s Something About Mary – how old is that film ?!!!!! Totally rubbish. At least it’s a 777 on the way back home !

Then, met up with the folks and headed straight off to dinner – at Houston’s, which is really nice – I had a burger, but a chicken one so I was thinking it was healthier !

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